Arete Monteford

Name: Arete Monteford

Doll Model: Smartdoll Chitose

Age: a few months old

Birthday: May 7


When Ilya was warned by his father that the Wizard Council was getting suspicious and that he should make a simulacrum for protection, he created Arete. (Creating a Simulacrum)Arete is still discovering who she herself is; like all simulacrum, she started out with the knowledge and some of the memories of her creator, and so has to find herself. They have already discovered that she has Ilya`s wizard powers, or at least some of them. They learned this when she decided she didn`t want the silver hair she`d been created with, and it actually changed. Which is strange, and as far as they know has never happened before, but then again, usually wizards are unable to create simulacrum!

Arete has her own instagram: @arete_may