Box Opening–Loongsoul Chaos

So, ordered this doll way back October 6, 2018. I knew going into it that the wait would be long. Six months and two days later, he`s finally here!

58cm smartdoll on the box for comparison
pretty loongsoul box!
I did get his default boots, and some clothes from alice`s collections
the COA is in here! I also took a pic of it because the ink seemed faded, but not sharing 😛
There was a medallion thing too, but I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of it ^^;;
o0 he comes with interchangeable parts
The body! He`s very…white. What`s that box and little bag?
Xiu Xiu was in the box! So cute. ^^
eyes, eye putty and hooks!
wow. he stood instantly out of the box
His face! And that smirk! I love that smirk
hmm…not super impressed with how the eyelashes are glued on
And just for fun, size comparison of all my dolls now (that are with me)

NSFW pics…had to try on all the parts, of course. ;P