And then I went to the Zoo (a letter)


You`re probably wondering why there was a charge on the emergency credit card you left with me. Let me explain.
I went to Tokyo for the Golden Week holiday. I went to Disneyland (pictures enclosed).

After that, I just wandered around Tokyo. However, it was while I was wandering around that I spotted members of the Wizard Council.
I`ve never seen them in Japan before, so I have to ask…did you do something to make them mad again? Or is it that they found some new reason to doubt that I`m a girl?

Since they were clearly observing me, I went on the latter assumption, and used the card to go on a clothes shopping spree. You`ve always told me that that`s one of the best ways to lose followers, since they get bored of watching you shop. And as it is Golden Week, all the banks are closed, so I didn`t have enough cash on me. I promise to pay it back later. Anyway, when that didn`t work, I went to the zoo. (More pictures enclosed)

I finally lost them at the zoo, I think. It was rainy and there were lots of umbrellas around. At least, I didn`t see them after that. But I`m pretty sure that they knew that I had spotted them. Which still leaves the question of, why have they come to observe again?

I hope you`re safe, and that you didn`t make the Council mad again. If you did, could you at least let me know?