A visitor from the Wizard Council

Arete: Who are you?! Are you from the Wizard Council? I won`t let you hurt Ilya!
Ilya: Arete, that`s not…that`s not a wizard…
Arete: He isn`t? Then what is he?`
?: A simulacrum? Intriguing. And no, I am not a wizard. I would never be something like that.
Shan: You…
Shan: That`s what I`d like to know! How did you get past my barrier? What are you?
?: Oh dear dear. I see the forgotten god has forgotten more than his identity.
Shan: … I don`t know how you know who I am, but this is my house. Answer the question!
Arete: Wait wait wait. If he`s from the Wizard Council or not is more important than what he is, isn`t it?
Ilya: …He did come from the Wizard Council, even if he isn`t a wizard.
?: Oh? Interesting child. What makes you think so?
Ilya: I saw you once when I was in Tokyo. You were following me, weren`t you? On the Council`s orders.
?: I was indeed. But I will not tell them that you are the boy they suspect.
Arete: Get away from Ilya!
Ilya: I think it`s ok, Arete. If he says he won`t tell, let`s trust him.
Arete: Ilya, I know you like the think the best but you can`t just trust anyone, especially those related to the Council!
Shan: … He can`t lie. I figured it out. You`re a dragon, aren`t you? And you won`t tell the Council about Ilya because you`ve found something more interesting than working for the Council.
?: Correct. A household where gods, demons, elves and humans all reside together? As well as a simulacrum that should not exist and a wizard? What could be more intriguing?
Shan: *scowls* But that`s…
Connery: Tis karma, Shan. Ye have behaved as ye liked these past few centuries. Did ye believe that all tha dragons were gone and gods had no one stronger than them? If he can prove he is a dragon, we must let him stay.
?: Proof, little ice demon? How droll. But I will humor you.
?: Here, the proof that I, Nerasatiel, am indeed a dragon.
Nerasatiel: My little part dragon companion, Liso.
Ilya: He really is a dragon…I thought they were extinct!
Arete: … I suppose I can go tell the others that it`s safe enough to come out…
Shan: He had to be a real g*****n dragon…
Nerasatiel: I think this will be quite interesting… Do you not agree?

Bonus Picture! Five dolls no stands: