Magick is everywhere. It may be hard to find it, but it exists. Magick exists in everyday life, in the outdoors, in the people you meet, in the everyday little rituals you perform.

In today`s world, it may be hard to find, and it may be easy to forget how simple it is to make magick, especially when trying to juggle jobs, families, responsibilities…and between all this, it may be hard to find magick, let alone practice it. When I say `practice` I am referring to Wicca, though you can certainly practice magick no matter which religion you claim!


While some of you may have found my blog because you already know what magick is, and are yourself also looking for ways to practice in everyday life around a busy schedule, I can hear those of you who stumbled here by accident asking “Hold on a second, magick?” Some of you may believe in magick, some may not. And some are going “Why did you spell magick with a k?”

I spelled magick with a k to distinguish it from magic tricks. Magick with a k denotes real magick, the kind of magick that exists in every day life, that so many people walk past whether accidentally or just because they`re busy. But magick isn`t all big things, magick can be small things as well, little daily rituals we may not even notice as we do them.

And how do I know that? I am a modern day eclectic witch. My name is Skylance K`Dragonwing, and I have found over the past several years that life gets so busy that it can be hard to find time for magick in between everything else. And that`s a shame, and something I`m working to change.

I`ve decided, based on some small daily rituals I have, that it shouldn`t be too hard to find ways to slip magick into even the busiest of schedules. It`s not so much a matter of fitting it in as it is recognizing where it is, and what to do with it once you`ve recognized it.

Join me on my journey to find the magick in every day life, and to find the ways to keep it alive throughout a busy schedule.