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Magick is everywhere. Perhaps not always easy to find, especially with a hectic modern day schedule, but it`s there.

In today`s world, it may be especially hard to find when trying to juggle jobs, families, responsibilities…and between all this, it may be very hard to find magick, let alone practice it!

I know the struggle, because I have a full time job as an assistant English teacher in Japan, am studying Japanese, trying to keep up with my Spanish, practicing to take the Japanese driver`s test, and my hobby is collecting Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, and doing crafts, all of which are time consuming activities.

Who am I? I`m Skylance K`Dragonwing, eclectic witch.

Join me on my journey to find the magick in every day life, and to find the ways to keep it alive throughout a busy schedule.

Currently my blog updates Wednesdays and Saturdays. Wednesdays are some kind of crafty post, and Saturdays are magickal posts.


(Oh, and just so you know, my posts may contain affiliate links, once I figure out how to use them.)